A GOLD medieval ring unearthed in Winwick has been declared treasure trove.

A Bolton man discovered the treasure last September, buried four inches deep in a patch of rubble near to the church.

Deputy Cheshire coroner Dr Janet Napier confirmed the findings at a treasure trove inquest held at Warrington Coroner's Court on Friday.

James Robinson, curator of medieval collections at the British Museum, where the ring is currently being held for evaluation, believes it can be dated back to the late 14th or early 15th century.

The ring is set with a hexagonal sapphire in a bezel with two side bands engraved with flowers and leaves and a plain central band that has worn smooth in places.

Inside the hoop is the French inscription Joye Sanz Fyn which can be translated as Joy Without End'.

A similar ring owned by former Archbishop of Canterbury, William Wytlesey, who died in 1374, can be seen in a collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.