REPORTS of crime across Warrington have risen slightly, data shows.

The data, from, shows that in the latest figures available - June 2022 - reports of crime have increased from the previous month.

In June this year, Cheshire Constabulary reported that 1,674 crimes were logged in Warrington - up from 1,631 in May.

The total number of crimes reported each month has remained steady throughout April, May, and June, with the average month having 1,651 reports.

The most common offences in the town for the latest three months have been categorised as 'violence and sexual offences' - in June, there were 712 of these offences.

This is up over eight per cent since May when there were reports of 657 of these offences taking place in Warrington.

That being said, reports of crimes such as bike theft, drugs, and possession of weapons all fell between May and June this year.

As is usual with crime maps, there is a higher concentration of crimes reported in the centre of town than there are in more rural areas like Culcheth, Birchwood, and Glazebrook.

Cheshire Constabulary declined to provide comment on this story.