AFTER the heartbreak of being asked to move on from a space you have held for years, Krissie Ainsworth went from ‘the depths of despair’ to adulation when she found out she could have a unit at Hatters Row.

Dolly’s Desirables – which was previously based in Thornton-le-Moors near Chester – has now been open for a couple of weeks in the shopping arcade.

Krissie was moved on from her previous base after two-and-a-half years and now her business residents in Warrington town centre on Horsemarket Street.

She feels it was meant to be.

“I was at depth of despair where I didn’t know where to turn and I couldn’t afford anything in Chester and then a unit at Hatters Row came up,” said Krissie.

“It was meant to be.

“For me to be accepted into the row I cried. I was so relieved and excited and my gut feeling tells me that this is going to be amazing.

“I’m going to put everything into this business to put Dolly’s and Hatters Row back on the map.

“I’ve had a few clients in who thought Hatters Row was closed permanently. We want to help put it back on the map again.

“We can all benefit each other and become this community of businesses.

“I just want the people of Warrington to know I’m there and that this is available for the people in the town.”


Dollys Desirables has moved from Chester to Warrington

Dolly's Desirables has moved from Chester to Warrington


Dolly’s Desirables houses Frenchic paint and upcycled furniture.

It is a hobby that Krissie has turned into a business in recent years.

Around three months ago when her unit near Chester had to be returned, she was initially devastated.

The 63-year-old continued: “I was absolutely devastated. I started looking for rental properties and Hatters Row came up and I think it was meant to be. In my depth of despair, it was available.

“I got permission to open as a small business. It’s such a lovely little precinct and I think it’s been bypassed a little bit.”

Krissie plans to start Frenchic paint workshops next month catering to different abilities.

The former Yorkshire resident added: “I want to introduce them again when the children go back to school.

“New clients that have come in have asked me about them too because they have seen them on my page.

“I think it’ll be perfect to do it then because it adds more of an interest in the paint.”


Another look at some of the items in the shop

Another look at some of the items in the shop