FIVE YEARS since it was burnt down, Warrington Borough Council has admitted it has no fixed timescale to replace Risley Moss observation tower.

This is despite residents coming together to raise £12,000 to support replacing the tower after it was destroyed by arsonists in summer 2017.

In 2019, Warrington Borough Council unveiled a replacement for the tower at the Risley Moss Green Safari day, to around 1,200 visitors - this was to be funded by £250,000 of council money, as well as £250,000 from a grant won from WREN.

Due to lack of work taking place on the project, the council lost the £250,000 grant money in 2021, as it had expired.

Dr Paul Speake, Chair of the Risley Moss Action Group (RIMAG), said: "We have been in contact with Warrington Borough Council since day one and have been banging our heads against the wall ever since.

"A generous public appeal was started and RIMAG still holds these funds awaiting WBC pulling their finger out and getting something done."

Warrington Guardian: This was the aftermath of the arson attack in 2017This was the aftermath of the arson attack in 2017

Birchwood councillor Nigel Balding has been campaigning for the tower to be replaced since he was elected.

Cllr. Balding said: "Risley Moss is a really important amenity in Birchwood and a good view over the Moss gives visitors a chance to see a rare habitat of the lowland raised bog which used to cover much of the area between Manchester and Liverpool.

"But I’m amazed at the patience of Birchwood residents, five years of waiting is far too long."

Warrington Guardian: Cllr. Balding said: "Please WBC, can we have a timescale for a replacement observation area?”Cllr. Balding said: "Please WBC, can we have a timescale for a replacement observation area?”

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said: "We are working with specialist contractors to develop proposals for the observation area.

"Consideration will be given to retaining structural remnants of the former tower within interpretive features, which celebrate the recent habitat restoration works and bog bool creation, delivered in partnership with Natural England.

"Project timescales have not yet been established."