LATEST figures for Warrington suggest that reported crimes are decreasing, but not by much.

In May (the most up-to-date data we have) there were 1,631 crimes reported to Cheshire Constabulary as having taken place in Warrington - this compares to 1,649 in the month before.

Warrington Guardian: The number of crimes reported marginally decreased between April and MayThe number of crimes reported marginally decreased between April and May (Image: Newquest)

Of those reported, violent and sexual offences took up the largest proportion - 40.2 per cent.

The most uncommon crime reported was possession of weapons, with just six offences reported all month across the town.

Criminal damage reports fell by 40 per cent between April and May, from 177 reported offences down to 106.

However, public order offences increased from 187 to 221, which is an increase of almost 20 per cent.

More rural parts of the town, like Birchwood, Lymm, and Culcheth reported significantly fewer offences than areas like Latchford, the town centre, and Orford.

A number of shoplifting offences were reported at Birchwood Shopping Centre, the data suggests, as well as at the Golden Square Shopping Centre, too.

Regarding the numbers of convictions brought against suspects of sexual offences, Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: "I’m encouraged that for securing charges in serious sexual offence cases, Cheshire is one of the best performing in the country, but the reality is that the figures are still nowhere near where they should be and we are committed to improving them further for victims."

Warrington Guardian: Vehicle crime in Warrington decreased- slightly between April and MayVehicle crime in Warrington decreased- slightly between April and May (Image: Warrington Guardian)

This comes after Cheshire Police launched a new online tool to help victims report crimes online.

CC Roberts added: "That’s why this online reporting tool is so important.

"We can help to reduce the trauma of reliving the event by collecting the information in written form, while also helping victims to ensure that they are able to provide as much detail as they feel able to."