A MILITARY veteran has swapped his Royal Navy career for a new challenge in Warrington and has not looked back.

David Wilson joined the team at Amazon Warrington in 2020 through the Amazon Military Opportunity Programme.

This year Amazon will recruit more than 300 veterans, reservists and military spouses across the business in over 35 different jobs, joining over 2,500 already employed since 2011.

David is sharing his story as the team at Amazon Warrington, based at Omega, celebrated Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

Before joining Amazon, David had a military career that spanned more than 23 years after joining the Royal Navy as a physical training instructor immediately after leaving school.

When his career in the Royal Navy ended, David joined the Amazon team as a learning development manager and has held the role for the last two years.

Speaking on why he joined Amazon after leaving the military, David said: “I was extremely sceptical about civilian life initially, but the military programme at Amazon was very appealing.

“Amazon shares a very good and accurate truth, with no hidden agenda. The similarities between its values and leadership principles align with those of the military.

“My skillsets have been transferable from the military to my current role at Amazon, as I acquired the ability to understand that every situation is different – bringing new challenges.

“However, not all challenges come from the infrastructure or the processes, they sometimes come from people.

“Therefore, the background in the military that focuses on people management allows you to be very proactive and reactive.

David Wilson has traded his military career for a role at Amazon Warrington

David Wilson has traded his military career for a role at Amazon Warrington

“Amazon embraces different cultures, which is very similar to the military, by not only interacting with people from different backgrounds, but familiarising yourself with their background to appropriately welcome them and respect their cultural differences.

“Inclusiveness and collaboration are key within the military and at Amazon.”

For anyone who has recently left the military, or is thinking of leaving the military, David added: “Be open minded and do not worry about fitting in.

“There is an opportunity for everyone at Amazon, no matter how many days, months, or years you served in the military.”

James Pitt site leader at Amazon Warrington, commented: “The Amazon Military Programme has been a fantastic success.

“David is one of the many brilliant veterans and reservists working in Amazon buildings here in Warrington and around the UK.

“The skills learned in the military are highly transferable to a role at Amazon, and we are pleased to continue offering employment, training and development opportunities to former servicemen and women through our programme.”

Gillian Russell, principle programme manager at Amazon and a retired Royal Navy officer, also praised the scheme.

She said: “The military community brings huge value to the workforce, and we have a dedicated team focused on bringing that talent into Amazon.

“We offer opportunities across the whole business, and we train, develop and support veterans, military spouses and reserves to flourish and thrive here.

“We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills and build their career at Amazon.”