THE work of Warrington's famed secret artist Eric Tucker has been recreated.

In the autumn of 2018 Warrington and the wider world discovered Eric Tucker who had kept his talent hidden from public view during his lifetime.

After his death the family held a weekend exhibition of a selection of his many paintings and drawings in the terraced house in King George’s Crescent where Eric had recreated the world he knew. Thousands queued around the block, some from as far as Scotland and Kent, but mostly Warringtonians who were amazed to discover Eric’s talent.

Among them were members of the u3a art group led by Roger Coasby who would also visit the major retrospective of Eric’s work held at Warrington Museum the following year and inspired by Eric’s younger brother, Tony, who wanted to fulfil his late brother’s desire to see his work exhibited in his home town gallery.

When u3a art groups resumed at Fairfield Old School Roger Coasby set his group the challenge of recreating one of Eric’s typical scenes of an industrial Warrington street scene. Twelve of the group worked on individual sections with the tricky challenge of matching their colours to create one work in what would also be Roger’s last project after six years as group leader.

Last week Tony Tucker went back to his old school to see the finished artwork go on show in a setting very familiar to the Tucker family.


Erics brother visited

Eric's brother visited


Tony said: "It's been a great pleasure to be here today to meet the U3A group with their tutor Roger Coasby and see this wonderful piece of collective artwork, a tribute to the art of my brother Eric Tucker

"What better place to see it in than the old Fairfield school surrounded by the streets that my brother grew up in.

"For him this area with its streets, back entries, shops, pubs and of course people formed the bedrock, I believe, of his own singular artistic vision. A vision that, through the long decades of his artistic development never failed or faltered, though he remained unrecognised by the art world at large.

"He both recorded and celebrated the lives of ordinary people with a vitality and truthfulness that will, as the art critic Richard Cork stated, "rescue him from undeserved obscurity so that he might find a place in the pantheon of 20th century British Art"."

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Eric Tucker

Eric Tucker