Secretary Ade Green brings us his latest Warrington Anglers’ Association column...

MY first point this week unfortunately is a warning to anglers who insist on breaking the rules.

Rule 13: No tents, fires, disposable barbecues, single use bottles or cans/tins/plastic packaging etc are allowed on any of our fisheries

Rule 23: No alcohol, drugs (other than those medically prescribed to that member), solvents, or other like substances are to be taken or consumed on our fisheries. Similarly, persons under the influence of these will be in breach of this rule and will in both instances face expulsion.

Myself and head bailiff spent a day this week filling a seven-tonne skip with 80 per cent of exactly these items along with unmentionable items, and approximately 15 per cent of items brought onto site to dump. This is not acceptable and you will be dealt with severely if caught. There are no excuses, bailiffs have been asked to be more vigilant.

Back to what this column should be about, David Tomkinson was back on Grey Mist this week where once again he sacked up on tench eager for his bait.

Using pellet feeder tactics with homemade boilies he added another 16 of these fish to his tally. Two of them were over the 8lb bracket – I may need to bend his ear for some tips.

Dave Garner and companion Ken were out on Woodshaw. Ken fished peg 4, catching roach and perch to 8ozs using pole and feeder. Dave opted for wagler and feeder and ended with a real mixed bag of roach, skimmers, perch and chub.

This brings me to the best bit, the magical 16th of June. There is a tinge of sadness that I may not be able to fish the first day of the river season or even the first association match due to other commitments.

I will however make time to have a wander along the Mersey at some point. Good luck to all who have been waiting because of an outdated law to fish again.

The disabled and over 60s match this week was at Daresbury where plenty of roach and silver bream were in most catches. Richie Baker also managed a couple of big skimmers, 1lb each, helping himself to top spot.

The ever-consistent Jimmy Byrne took second place with 50 small silver fish and a small skimmer. Top three weights came from behind the laboratories with best baits being bread and pinkie.

The previous week, Bob Fitzpatrick was the eventual winner of the disabled & over 60s match on the Bridgewater Canal at Pickering’s Bridge when a bream swung the scales easily in his favour. The rest of the field were all very close with a low weight return, Alan Brown needed just 1-14-10 for second place his catch was all Roach caught on bread an pinkie. John Ashwin was a close third just 2ozs separating them John`s catch made up of small Roach also on pinkies.

There was a match at Woodshaw where local rod Joe Garry took the honours with a net made up of Skimmers and Roach but unlike the other framers, Jimmy Byrnes and Ray Boden he managed to include 6 chunky Crucians. The winning method was pole fished maggot & castor over groundbait fished between 4 to 8 meters.

Please note carp are starting to spawn on some lakes. Do not cast to these fish and do not cross or remove tape that is there to prevent you fishing or you will be dealt with by the management committee.

Jim Gannon took time out of his unstoppable commitment to voluntary work on mainly our stretches of the River Mersey.

Chosen venues were firstly Appleton Reservoir where fishing with maggots on the hook with a feeder was his approach; bites were hard to come by at first but pretty soon he was catching perch to about 6ozs.

In all he finished his session with about 30 fish – all perch with one solitary roach. Next up a few days later and Statham Pool was the venue this time fishing a waggler while drip feeding maggots. The roach this time were very obliging with again about 30 small fish being caught with a bonus 5lb pike that mugged a roach on the way to the net.

Niel Trainor also tackled Appleton with fishing buddy Rob Lappin, this time in search of carp. 5am was the start time and they settled down and watched fish rolling in their swims.

After a few hours Niel’s reel screamed off, and 10 minutes into the fight they finally got a glimpse.

He has only been fishing a year and couldn’t believe it – 25lbs 3ozs. Soon after, Rob’s alarms sounded and another fish on, this time a 20lb 2oz carp – a great fish and a great four-hour session with pink pop-ups and Bumbleberry Goo the bait of choice.

Keith Starkey, another regular on the working parties, swapped his spade for his fishing rod and tackled Grey Mist in a different way for a change, fishing with micro pellets and an orange pellet hair-rigged. He was rewarded by the fishing gods with a 21lb 1oz mirror carp.

James Lavelle fished Rixton and found a clear spot the size of a dinner plate.

After placing around 30 boilies there the dinner bell was rung with the main course being a white pop-up on a Chod rig.

Fish were showing straight away over the feed area but it was not until 4.30am that his sounded. James connected with the fish but feared it may be a bream with the sluggish fight but as soon as the fish saw the net it took off.

A 10-minute battle ensued with the outcome being a 22lb old mirror carp lying in the net.

The WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street, Warrington WA1 1LT remain closed on Friday evenings but members can simply post to this address or put their membership book or request in an envelope with their payment and a stamped addressed envelope, through HQ door at 52, Parker Street, Warrington WA1 1LT where mail is collected and dealt with most days.

Alternatively, you can post to Warrington Anglers Association PO. Box 71, Warrington WA1 1LR where mail is collected weekly.

Any information of your visits/catches from any of our fisheries. Many members rely on your shared information for their visits to the bankside.

Email or use the catch report link at the top of the Facebook page.


Disabled and Over 60s, Bridgewater Canal, Monday: 1) R Baker 3-2-12; 2) J Byrnes 2-14-2; 3) R Durr 2-6-13; 4) J Stoll 2-3-3.

Disabled & Over 60s, Bridgewater Canal, previous Monday: 1) Bob Fitzpatrick 3-6-0; 2) Alan Brown 1-14-10; 3) John Ashwin 1-12-7; 4) Mike Worley 1-11-4.

Woodshaw Midweek: 1) Joe Garry 19-5-11; 2) Jimmy Byrne 12-12-05; 3) Ray Boden 11-13-0; 4) Jeff Stoll 9-13-11.


Sunday: First association contest, River Mersey: Draw 8.45am, Mersey Walk through the gates, fish 10.30am to 3.30pm, £5 pool with optional £5 super pool. Monday: Disabled and Over 60s match, Bridgewater Canal, Daresbury, Delph Lane, peg 101, draw 9.45am, £5 all-in, exact money only.