CAMPAIGNERS in Warrington held a demonstration near the Golden Square this weekend, in support of a National Action Day.

The day was part of an event organised by Make Votes Matter, a group that is campaigning for the UK voting system to be changed.

Our current system is "First Past the Post," which means that as soon as one political party gets a certain number of seats in the House of Commons then they have won the election.

The Make Votes Matter campaign wants Westminster to change the system to something called "Proportional Representation" - where each vote cast has more weight to it.


Allan Bird was part of the group that campaigned at the weekend. He said: "Turnout in elections is often depressingly low. People don’t vote because they feel that either the result is a foregone conclusion, and their vote is wasted or that all politicians are the same.

"Sometimes people will vote to keep someone they don’t like out, rather than a positive vote for who they want to be elected."


There were other events taking place across the North West, including a march in Lancashire, and the campaign's Manchester group walked from the Peterloo Massacre memorial to Stockport.