It can sometimes be tricky to think of what gifts to get your Dad/Grandad ahead of Father's Day, and if you were struggling then a draught beer dispenser might just do the trick.

If you wanted to pull a pint that felt like it was from the pub in the comfort of your own home, then these devices work very nicely.

From Beer Hawk to Lakeland and more, there are a wide range of places offering these machines for you to pick from for Father's Day.

Here are some of the places you can buy them from, and there might even be a discount certain shops are offering for them at the moment.

Warrington Guardian: The machines can draw out pub-quality beer from the comfort of your own home (Canva)The machines can draw out pub-quality beer from the comfort of your own home (Canva) (Image: Canva)


Draught beer dispensers to buy for Father's Day


Starting off we have the Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser from Lakeland, which can be used with any can or bottle of beer you have at your disposal.

It is suitable for IPAs, ales, pilsners and more. Plus, it claims it "improves taste and aroma" of the beer.

Currently, Lakeland is offering a £20 discount on the machine, meaning it can be bought for £109.99 instead of £129.99.

Visit the Lakeland website if you fancy getting the device yourself.

Beer Hawk

An alternative to that device is what the company Beer Hawk has to offer, which at the moment is a massive £70 discount on their PerfectDraft machine, keg, and glassware bundles using the code PD70.

Ranging between £250 and £285 without the discount applied, you can get a number of bundles, including Stella Artois, Corona Extra, Tennent's, Budweiser, Orchard Pig and more.

Plus, there is even a specific PerfectDad bundle for Father's Day which you can choose with any specific beer and can be found on the BeerHawk website.

Shop the whole range of Beer Hawk bundles and kegs at their website.


Another company that does its own version of the draught machine and its own kegs is Beerwulf.

Its SUB Beer Tap is available to buy for £99 at the moment, as they are offering a £10 reduction, which can be found on their website.

This can be paired with a number of its own kegs, including Birra Moretti, Newcastle Brown Ale, Affligem Dubbel and more, which can all be found at their website.


Wayfair offers a number of draught beer dispensers on their site, such as the Single Tap Mini Countertop Beer Dispenser, which currently has a 7% discount applied to stand at £107.77.

It is designed for 5L Heineken kegs and features a built-in drinks cooler to keep the beer at perfect drinking temperature, as well as a drip tray to avoid spillage problems.

This draught machine can be purchased on the Wayfair website.