WE asked readers what closed down restaurants they miss most in Warrington.

And more than 600 of you told us what you thought.

For some people, it was more than the brilliant food that was missed.

Some held a special place in your heart - with memories of first dates, family meals and proposals.

It is safe to say there are many missed eateries in the town.

So, here are six of the most missed ones:

The Hoi Tin (on Bold Street)

Hoi Tin Sunday banquet was a bargain.

Kevin Lowther

Got to be Hoi Tin, loved that place.

Emma Jayne

Hoi Tin in Warrington.

Sarah Parkins

Hoi Tin – it was the best Chinese in the town centre for years!

Clare Earps

Hoi Tin, really good value for money and the best owners and staff.

Andy Gamon

Warrington Guardian: The Hoi TinThe Hoi Tin


Jenirics Buffet Restaurant (in Latchford)

Jenirics in Latchford - all you can eat but cooked fresh. Best concept ever never found another like it.

Karl Graham

Jenirics restaurant in Latchford Village, it was amazing!

Lisa Humphreys

Jenirics in Latchford

Kate Holt

Jenirics in Latchford Village.

Chell Ellis Fox

Jenirics in Latchford.

Alison Brettle


The Prime Rib (Stockton Heath)

The Prime Rib in Stockton Heath

Patti Bradshaw

Definitely The Prime Rib

Ian Cross

The Prime Rib in Stockton Heath long ago.

Kath Boswell

Oh the Prime Rib – that’s a blast from the past!

Sue James

Warrington Guardian: The Prime RibThe Prime Rib


Best of Both Worlds (on Crown Street)

Best of Both Worlds in town. Fantastic all you could eat with loads of variety.

Janine Whalley


TNT (in Latchford Village)

TNT over Renault Garage in Latchford. The best ever.

Margaret Hunt

TNT in Latchford, had some ace nights in there.

Mark Breary

TNT above the old Renault Garage in Latchford.

Donna Randles


Time Out (Westbrook)

Time out in Westbrook.

Patti Bradshaw

Time out in Westbrook. Our neighbours knew the owners so we got to eat there a lot. Making our own pizzas in the little dens was my favourite. My kids would have loved it there now.

Emma Croly

Time out in Westbrook.

Anne Clarke

Time Out near the Odeon in Westbrook. The pub and food was great!

Helen Whitehead