A MUM-of-three who ‘lit up’ every room she was in has sadly died after battling ovarian cancer.

In March, Leasa Hassall was given the devastating news that she had just four weeks to live after being told she wasn’t well enough to undergo more chemotherapy.

Leasa, from Latchford, spent her final days at St Rocco’s Hospice surrounded by her close family before her death on May 2, aged just 52.

Her daughter Aoife Parker said: “All of the family, her fiancé and us children will miss her craziness and contagious laughter.

“I’ll miss how she loved us all so deeply and always put her children first before herself.

“She’s left a huge hole in our family and nothing will ever be the same. 

“She was one of a kind, she was incredible, unique and the most beautiful person inside and out. 

“Lover of animals, some would say she was the crazy cat lady of Latchford.

“She lit up every room she was in, she could make anyone laugh.

“She will always be in our hearts forever. 

“Even through battling the cancer she would always make light out of a dark situation.

“She was such a strong, fearless woman and would do anything to protect us and our family. 

“She was our own guardian angel. We are never going to be the same because she was such a light in our lives and that has gone now.”

Warrington Guardian: Leasa loved animals - some would call her the 'crazy cat woman'Leasa loved animals - some would call her the 'crazy cat woman'

Around five years ago Leasa Hassall started to suffer from stomach pains and after a visit to the doctors she was told that it was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

But three years later when Leasa, a former cleaning supervisor, fell down the stairs and was left needing a scan on her pelvis, it was discovered that she had a mass in her ovaries which was later confirmed as ovarian cancer.

She went through six cycles of chemotherapy and had a hysterectomy.

After two more rounds of chemotherapy, Leasa, who had a ‘heart of gold’, was given the news that the cancer had shrunk and was able to ring the bell at The Lilac Centre in St Helens in February 2020.

But sadly during the spring of that year, her blood tests spiked and since then her health has been ‘up and down’ as the cancer returned.

Although the mum-of-three was put on medication to shrink the cancer, earlier this year she was given the tragic news that it hasn’t worked and the cancer had grown.

And on March 31, Leasa was told she had just four weeks left to live.

Previously speaking about Leasa, her fiancé Mark Hilton said: “She is just my soul mate. We clicked from day one when we met 12 years ago and we have never been apart since.

“We are so connected and we always will be. I have found my soul mate.”

Leasa’s funeral will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, May 24, at Walton Crematorium at 11.20am.

Her family have asked those attending to wear an item of cobalt blue as it was a colour loved by Leasa.

The wake will take place at the Tetley Walkers Recreation Club on Long Lane at 12pm followed by a send-off at Victoria Park in Latchford between 9pm and 10pm.

Aoife believes more needs to be done to raise awareness of the ‘silent killer’ ovarian cancer.

She added: “The thing is with ovarian cancer, it is a silent killer and can be mistaken for IBS and things like that.

“I feel like some doctors need to be more aware – if people are getting symptoms like that and they are prolonged, they need to be checked out because for my mum it was too late.”