BRAZEN burglars made off with a car after entering a home through the front door.

The incident happened in Walton over the weekend during the daytime when the occupants were at home in the back garden.

The thieves made off with a Mercedes ML430 after trespassing in the house, with Cheshire Police enquiries ongoing.

Officers have issued advice to residents to keep homes secure and prevent them from being targeted by thieves.

In an update, the force’s Hatton, Stretton and Walton Police team said: “To help keep you and your property safe, we recommend the following crime prevention advice.

“Close windows when you leave the house or even if you are in the garden. If you have locks, make sure they are on, especially on downstairs windows.

“If you are in the garden or upstairs, do not leave your front door unlocked. Thieves can be in and out of your house in minutes.

“If you have a shed or outhouse, make sure it is locked at night. Use a coach bolt to secure hinges and remember to lock tools away, as these can be stolen or used to force entry into your house.

“Do not leave ladders lying round as thieves can use these to access upstairs windows, while if you are going on holiday, never advertise that your home is going to be empty on social media.”