KERRY Katona has announced that she is considering emigrating from the United Kingdom and living abroad.

The Padgate popstar revealed to fans on Instagram that she was looking into moving to sunnier climates in Spain.

But the dream move for the 41-year-old could be delayed and in jeopardy due to passport issues.

Former Padgate High School pupil Kerry has shared her frustrations with her followers on the social media platform due to being unable to renew her passport.

The mum-of-five, who rose to fame in the late 1990s and 2000s with girl group Atomic Kitten, said: “We are moving house, and then we are going to go to Spain and live out there.”

The former singer previously explained how a work trip to London sparked the idea of living abroad, due to the long commute from her Cheshire home.

She spoke of how a flight to Marbella in southern Spain would take a similar amount of time, as well as the benefits of living abroad in the sunshine.

But she goes on to say during her Instagram live broadcast: “I can’t get a passport. I need a passport. I can’t even get an appointment at the passport office at all.

“I am having a nightmare. My passport ran out. I tried to get an appointment at the passport office but can’t get one. So I might have to swim.”

Thousands of holidaymakers are facing the prospect of not even being able to reach check-in gates due to lengthy delays for passport applications.

A combination of staff shortages and a surge in post-Covid travel are being given as reasons, with the situation not set to improve any time soon.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office estimates 9.5million people will make passport applications this summer, with people urged to make sure your passport is secure long before take-off.