TO celebrate his 60th birthday, music legend Paul Heaton has put money behind 60 pubs – including one in Warrington.

Paul’s birthday is today, Monday, May 9 and he wants his fans to be able to enjoy it too.

So, to mark the occasion, he has put money behind the bar until the money runs out or the bar goes dry.

The list includes The Dog and Partridge in Manchester Road.

Nearby, in St Helens is Bird I’th Hand in Prescot Road is also featured and other pubs include those in Manchester, Liverpool and across the country.

On Paul’s Facebook page, a message read: “To celebrate my 60th birthday, I’d originally intended to do another bicycle tour, visiting and performing at 60 pubs across the UK and Ireland.

“However, due to recording delays caused by the pandemic, I’ve had to shelve these plans for the time being. Instead, I’ve decided that the next best way to celebrate this coming of age is to handpick 60 pubs across the UK and Ireland and put a given amount of money behind the bar of each one.

“Then, both regulars and yourselves can enjoy a birthday drink on me (until the money runs out, or the bar runs dry!).

"The hope is to bring people together on the day, whilst recognising that many folk who bought my records or showed me support over the years, could do with a wee party, as we come out of Covid and hit potential financial struggles.

“Please head over on Monday, show your support and raise a toast to me on my birthday.”