THEY met out of pure chance.

On the first day of high school more than 60 years ago, Jasper Carrott and Bev Bevan were placed at the front of the class next to each other with similar surnames – at least alphabetically.

Fast forward all that time and the two icons will be taking to Parr Hall on Friday, May 13 as part of their ‘Stand Up and Rock’ tour to celebrate the humour of Jasper and music by The Bev Bevan Band.

"It's not a unique show but nobody else does it, nobody else mixes comedy and rock and roll as a featured evening,” said Jasper.

"The first person I sat next to at grammar school when I was 11 years old was him (pointing at Bev)."

Bev chips in: "Our names were alphabetical. I was Bevan."

Jasper continued: "And I was Davis, so it just happened we were on the front row together. That was 66 years ago and we went through all five years."

The 77-year-old, who worked with Bev at a department store in Birmingham, had eyes on being a promoter whereas Bev was already into drums.

Jasper added: "I was going to be an entrepreneur. I started a folk club (The Boggery) in 1969 and was always going to be a promoter and run clubs and manage people.

"I was just compering at the club and singing silly funny songs and one thing led to another and people started asking me to do their clubs.

"I was getting £12 a gig and petrol. The equivalent today would probably be £500 or £600. So it was very lucrative to the point where I realised my future lay in entertaining and not in promoting."

Bev's music career was already taking off, having left Denny Laine and the Diplomats to form The Move in 1966 and then on to ELO with Jeff Lynne.

After their own successes and an enforced break due to the pandemic, Jasper is best pleased to join back forces with Bev.

“It’s been exciting to be back on tour with Bev and the band,” said Jasper.

“There was a bit of trepidation at first, not having worked for that long, but the minute we were on stage it disappeared.

“We were playing to sold-out houses from the moment the tour began and it’s been fantastic to see audiences coming back to the theatre, having a great laugh, rocking the house, and just remembering what life’s all about.”

Bev added: "Rehearsals are just a means to an end but as soon as you get on a stage and get that crowd reaction it's fantastic, it's a real buzz. There's nothing to replace it."

Tickets can be found at or call 01925 442345.