THIS is the backstory of how Crawlers are flying after chapter one of their journey so far.

After forming in June 2018 thanks to Liv Kettle – bassist and vocalist – meeting Holly Minto, who sings and plays the trumpet, at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts sixth form college, they have gone from strength to strength.

Sold-out shows, record deals and now bigger stages at festivals – like The Big Top stage at Neighbourhood Weekender – everything is coming thick and fast for the Warrington band.

As well as Liv being from Warrington, so too is Amy Woodall on the guitar and backing vocals.

Completing the band is drummer and saxophonist Harry Bree.

After their usual day going from rehearsing to three or four meetings in one day, Crawlers signed with Polydor Records in January – a decision they didn’t take lightly but one they are more than pleased with.

Amy said: “It was a long process as we had a few labels we were interested in and they were interested in us.

“It was a lot of meetings but so it was so amazing.

“We’ve been an indie band for three or four years working our arse off so to get the recognition that we always knew that we deserved and had been working towards was amazing.

“We definitely made the best decision going with Polydor.”

One month later and they paid tribute to their loyal supporters in a fan video to their renowned tune Come Over Again.

“The first conversation that we had about making a lyric video was because we had a lot of people making their own,” added Amy.

“We thought we should make our own and to get the fans involved as well.

“It was a really special day.”

Harry, 23, continued: “It was a thank you for the closing first chapter of Crawlers and now we are moving on to bigger and more exciting things.”

Liv said: “For us, it’s nice because we get to have that connection with our audience.

“It reminds you of how you used to be at that age as well being so obsessed with different bands – not that it was that long ago.

“Particularly with Come Over, the way that fans were using the sound on TikTok and hearing how they related such a heavy song to them was amazing.

“It was very emotional.”

Their community flooded the comments section with love and positivity.

One comment explained how they came out as non-binary and the video made them cry as they saw themselves loved and seen.

Liv, 22, continued: “That’s all we ever wanted. Giving other people the representation that we wanted when we were younger and giving people that moment to show that it’s ok to be who you are.

“A lot of us and people that we know are still struggling with their own identities because of different situations and their own internal struggle.

“Giving them that thought that there are other people like them and that they are not alone is so lovely.

“We want people to feel seen and we do see them. We don’t want people to feel alone.”

Amy, who has been to Neighbourhood Weekender every year since its inception, said: “It’s great to have that community. When we were 13 or 14 we were seeking out that community and perhaps never found it as strong as the community that we have created.

“I hope everyone feels safe within it and the fanbase that we have built is really accepting of anyone and supportive.”

“It’s 10 minutes from my house – my mum was more buzzing than I was walking around like she was top dog,” joked Amy.

“It’s so exciting to do the big top stage this year. I’ve been going for years with all of my friends and they all came to watch last time.

“The big top stage is a step up from what we did last year.

“It will hopefully get a lot of people from Warrington down supporting a band that has developed a lot in Warrington.”

Harry, 23, added: “It’s a privilege to be a part of someone’s story in that way, I feel.

“It was cool to see the fans together at the shoot for the video making friends with each other instantly – it was nice.

“There are more people like that who have found the courage to come out through our community.”

Chapter two has begun which includes EP work and festival season – exciting times to be a Crawler.

“We are back in the studio to work towards our second EP,” said Harry.

“The next years are going to be a lot of gigging and songwriting and it’s going to hopefully work towards that album which should be coming in the next two years.”