RESALE tickets for Gary Barlow’s show at The Brindley are priced at up to 10 times the original face value that they sold for.

Gary heads to Runcorn between February 10 – 15 for ‘A Different Stage – a one-man stage show which narrates the journey of his life alongside music.

The project was created by Tim Firth, Gary’s long-time friend and collaborator.

For each of the evening shows, stall seats, balcony seats and box seats were priced at £38.50 on Gigs and Tours.

They sold out in a matter of minutes and resale tickets have since been listed on Viagogo.

At the time of writing, on the opening night of the show, there is one ticket available for £338.

On Saturday, February 12, tickets have been listed up ranging from £155 - £388.

Two days later on Monday, February 14, there is a ticket listed for £236.

And on the final night, Tuesday, February 15, a ticket can be bought for £155.