LABOUR Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols says the Prime Minister must resign ‘for his own respect and the good of the country’.

In the House of Commons on Wednesday, Boris Johnson has apologised for attending a ‘bring your own booze’ party in the Downing Street garden during the first coronavirus lockdown.

But he said he ‘believed implicitly that this was a work event’.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for the Prime Minister to resign.

Ms Nichols is also calling for Mr Johnson to quit.

She said: “The country faces so many challenges – Covid and its economic, health and educational consequences, the cost of living crisis, our climate, establishing a post-Brexit trading structure – that I can understand why people might say this isn’t a good time to change Prime Minister.

“But Boris Johnson’s arrogance and incompetence make his leaving inevitable. If you pass hugely restrictive laws, endlessly recite the restrictions, strictly enforce them so that some people are prosecuted and fined while others cannot see their loved ones die or their children be born, then you must at least follow them. To have broken his own laws was arrogant, and then to lie and pretend that he didn’t treats us all with contempt.

“Nothing positive can now be accomplished by a Prime Minister who is viewed by the public with not just anger but ridicule. He is an enormous distraction from the challenges that need to be addressed.

“He must know that his days are numbered by either the public or his party, so for his own respect and the good of the country he should resign now. To have a Prime Minister debase his office in the way that Johnson has is utterly corrosive to our democracy and public confidence in Parliament.”

The Warrington Guardian also asked Tory Warrington South MP Andy Carter if he believes the Prime Minister should resign.

Mr Carter’s office says he is unable to comment due to his position on the parliamentary standards committee.