A GREAT Sankey man set up a healthy food business in May and believes takeaway healthy food can help kickstart the new year in the right way.

Andy Bradburn, who is born and bred in Sankey, has been running his business named the B Balanced Co. Kitchen from his friends Ascendancy Fitness Gym in the area.

They offer protein-filled breakfasts as well as a meal preparation service as well with environmentally-friendly packaging.

He said: “It’s really important to provide that option. With the food that we provide, people know what they are putting in their bodies and what they are eating.

“All of the calories and nutrients are on there so it’s a really easy choice.

“It’s very important for people to stay healthy and to have a good healthy choice as opposed to not having it all.”

Andy, a former pupil at Great Sankey High School, set it up because he couldn’t find options like this for himself.


Andys business provides meal preparation services too

Andy's business provides meal preparation services too


“It was something I’ve always wanted myself but could never get hold of – food that you can just grab and takeaway without going to a fast-food chain.,” added Andy.

“It was a combination of me being in the gym and wanting to try and get something that is healthy that you can just grab and go.

“I always used to cook at home anyway and try and make healthy food. I just thought there is a bit of a niche here as people can’t really get hold of it.

“It was actually due to open a lot sooner than that but lockdown happened. It originally was going to be like a food truck doing healthy food at different places.

“My friend owns this gym and the café space became available and this kitchen was born instead.

“It all landed during lockdown so it finally opened in May after everything reopened.”

And many of those at the gym have made use of the service.

The 37-year-old continued: “I’d say that’s the bulk of the customer base at the minute is people from the gym coming in and grabbing their meals.

“We are here going into this new year if people are looking to throw off the cobwebs and shed those Christmas lbs.”


Some of the sweet treats you can get

Some of the sweet treats you can get