LYMM Rugby Club’s President Neil Kelly has made his debut as a novelist with the launch of his first book.

Entitled ‘Grandpa and Phoebe’s Amazing Adventures’, it tells the story of how young Phoebe Shortshanks joins her grandfather on some amazing but sometimes disastrous adventures with his magical inventions.

Inspired by his parents, Neil is excited to get his book published and it is now available from Amazon, with all proceeds going to charity.

"The idea behind this tale is inspired by my mum and dad, who are loosely depicted in the story," said Neil.

"I have two grown-up daughters so, as children, there are elements of their personalities in there as well. Also, many of the children in the book are based on my friends’ children," he added. "The book is appropriate for both children and adults, from the age of four years old to 94."

‘Grandpa and Phoebe’s Amazing Adventures’ is available in paperback and e-version format with all proceeds being split between two charities, ‘Lymm Rugby Club Grass Roots Appeal’ and ‘Alzheimers – United against Dementia’.

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