We told sports editor Mike Parsons that money was no object and to let his imagination run wild in choosing some Christmas presents from the Guardian for Warrington Wolves players this year. Here's what he came up with:

1. Stefan Ratchford:

Laser guidance technology: A microscopic gadget, medically inserted behind his eyes, that will enable him to deliver 99 percent accuracy with his goal-kicking for The Wire in 2022. His ratio of success is high, but you never know when the extra two points could prove vital.

2. Josh Charnley:

His 2019 form: 17 tries in 29 appearances three seasons ago was a decent return and something similar or better next year would be a huge boost in Daryl Powell's first season in charge.

3. Peter Mata'utia:

A licence to thrill: Supporters want to leap out of their seats in excitement and the new arrival's abilities with footwork, speed and handling just need to be given room to be unleashed on The Wire's 2022 Super League opponents.

4. Toby King:

Boot springs: Already a big threat under the high ball, these springs will give him additional aerial lift so that he can make the most of those cross-field kicks every time. He'll feel like he's bouncing on trampolines.

5. Matty Ashton:

A selection season ticket: This puts him in the team every week, not left on the sidelines without clear reason – especially the week after scoring a hat-trick. He's exciting to watch and The Wire need his speed.

6. George Williams:

Year's supply of gift vouchers: Idolised by the kids and loved for recently buying one a season ticket, he can hand these vouchers out to all the youngsters as they ask for selfies and autographs. Making the fans feel special is important.

7. Gareth Widdop:

A space rocket: This will provide The Wire's important marquee man with the speedy transport back and to for training and matches so that he isn't spending months at a time away from his wife and kids in Australia.

8. Joe Philbin:

A British Army tank: We want him to continue to love bulldozing over opponents that are in his way and he can take the feelings of indestructibility – from driving his tank on his parents' farm land – on to the pitch with him every week.

9. Daryl Clark:

The Harry Sunderland Trophy: Receiving this would mean he has delivered a stellar performance as man of the match in the Grand Final, and would complete the set of individual accolades having won the Man of Steel at Castleford Tigers in 2014 and the Lance Todd Trophy with Warrington in the 2019 Challenge Cup Final at Wembley.

10. Mike Cooper:

Five more years: Coops is getting better and better with every campaign. He will turn 34 at the back end of next season but quality and experience is a combination hard to replace and it would be a wonderful bonus for The Wire if his body holds strong for him to do a 'Moz' and carry on playing into his late 30s.

11. Ben Currie:

Powell's magic potion: Currie looked to have some of his confidence back in 2021. But it feels at times there is still another level he can reach, so he is being sent some of the magic dust that his new boss Daryl Powell has sprayed before to get something extra out of players that others couldn't manage.

12. Oliver Holmes:

A new satnav: After 12 years at his hometown club Castleford, Olly's satnav was stuck on automatic pilot. After signing for The Wire for three years, we want him to be able to fully enjoy all that Warrington offers after his house move – without getting lost every time he closes his front door.

13. Jack Hughes:

A Hi-Vis vest: The 2021 Wire skipper and workhorse could wear this over his playing jersey so that more and more supporters can easily spot the work he does for the team and the important role he has on the field.