THE latest name to be added to Neighbourhood Weekender 2022 is Crawlers.

After a whirlwind few weeks with their recent single ‘Come Over (Again)’ going viral and selling out their headline tour, they will be adding Warrington to the plethora of gigs next year and performing in a town which has played a key role in their journey.

They will be at Neighbourhood Weekender on May 28 and 29.

Holly Minto, who sings and plays trumpet with Crawlers, said: ““Finding out that we were playing is absolutely unreal. We could only dream of being on a line-up with artists like that.

“Not only are we playing Weekender, we are playing the big top stage.

“With this being only our second festival, we were absolutely shocked to think about the amount of people that could be watching us.

“We are obviously proud to help represent Warrington too - it’s an incredible opportunity.

“It just feels like a lot of the work has been worth it in the long term.”

After forming in June 2018 thanks to Liv Kettle – bassist and vocalist – meeting Holly at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts sixth form college.

As well as Liv being from Warrington, so too is Amy Woodall on the guitar and backing vocals.

She has been going to Neighbourhood since its inception.

Competing the band is drummer and saxophonist Harry Breen.

Holly – from Southport – added: “When we first started we played at where the Post House is now and live bars.

“Starting off there and now being able to be on the big stage in the town which started our career is just crazy.

“Incredible - up the Wire!”

Crawlers join a line-up at Victoria Park that includes the likes of Kasabian, Courteeners and Blossoms. 

For their latest single – which Kim Kardashian used on TikTok – they wanted to try something a little different.

Holly continued: “It was a big jump for us. It was a step away from what we have been doing but we decided to take a risk with all the hardcore messages behind the song.

“We were going through a hard time as a band and in our personal lives.

“What is really great is that people have been able to present it and interpret it however they feel.

“You can expect the unexpected. We are releasing music because we like it and we are experimenting stylistically and musically and playing around with our styles.

“We able to do that is great and we can’t wait to be able to show that at our show.”

Tickets are on sale now, available from