GETTING to relive a dream you had in the 1980s is special.

And it is even more special when you can do so with your son.

For Peter Bailey and his son Ison, the Great Sankey pair are enjoying every minute of basking themselves in Ghostbusters: Afterlife following the release of the new film.

“It’s like reliving my childhood with my best mate who is my son. He really is my best mate,” said Peter, 37.

“To share it with my son is amazing. I loved Ghostbusters when I was a kid and we couldn’t afford any of the Ghostbusters toys, there was four of us and my mum and my dad in a small three-bed house.

“My mate across the road, a single child, he had all of the Ghostbusters toys so I was always around at his house.

“We could never afford them, but now that I’m grown up and we can afford it, it’s been great.

“The way I look at my son’s experience is that this moment is his 80s and the 80s that I never got when I was a kid.”

And Peter will in fact be rekindling an old school friendship with his friend from across the road and is going to see the film with him next week.

Peter has seen the film once already at Odeon Westbrook and if you were there, you may have spotted an Ecto 1 driving parked up and it has proved to be very popular with residents.

After all, they own 14 original Ecto 1 toy cars as well as other original toys – so it was only right that they dressed up their car in the spirit of it.


Ison Bailey pictured by the car ahead of their visit to watch Ghostbusters

Ison Bailey pictured by the car ahead of their visit to watch Ghostbusters

They have the car all kitted in true Ghostbusters style

They have the car all kitted in true Ghostbusters style


The 37-year-old, who works on the camera crew for Good Morning Britain, continued: “We’ve just been waiting for it to come out ever since it was announced. We’ve always had the intention for when the film came out, we would get some door signs made up for the car to have when we go to the cinema to watch it.

“We have flashing lights on the car too ad parked right outside Odeon – the security guard got all of the staff to come and see.

“We wore Ghostbusters hoodies, the same combat pants, trainers and proton packs.

“When we came out of the film, like school, there were loads of people around the car getting pictures and videos of it.”

Peter, who grew up in Locking Stumps, introduced Ison, 7, to Ghostbusters from 2016.

“Ison watched that and loved it so I introduced him to the original Ghostbusters 1 and 2 – that was it and he was obsessed with it,” he added.

“It was a great father-son bonding exercise and we got into making Ghostbuster toys and playing Ghostbusters all of the time."


Ison Bailey outside of Odeon Westbrook

Ison Bailey outside of Odeon Westbrook


Peter will be going back to take in all of the details and he will certainly look the part.

“I have very mixed feelings about the film so much so that we’re going to go back and watch it at least another couple of times to soak it in,” he said.

“When you’re a nerd for any kind of film, especially Ghostbusters, you are looking out for all of the easter eggs and connections to the original films, and there is so much to take in you have to watch it more than once.

“It’s a great film, really emotional and it’s definitely something you can watch several times over and love it more and more."



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