THERE is pressure.

To be a new bar on Times Square, you now have expectations to live up to – and the new bar in town, Newtons, certainly does.

We headed to the opening last Friday where friendly staff with champagne greeted customers coming in.

A quick glance around and I thought two things. One, it is stunning. The New York theme in the bar is evident with a huge picture-based skyline – you might as well be there.

Two, it is massive. A huge ceiling, with it being partnered by Gravity makes you feel like you have all the space in the world to enjoy yourself.

Walking in, there is a stage for live music and entertainers on the left and to the back is a wide bar serving your staple classics and American draft.

Seating for drinks, and food in a weeks time is centred around the middle and the window which is stylish and effective.

To the right is the cornerstone of Newtons and it is ‘it’s Flight Club-esque’.


There are four dart booths

There are four dart booths

There are also retro games

There are also retro games


If you have been to one in Manchester, this has the same vibe. Virtual darts can be played on a dartboard that is linked up to a screen, allowing you to play several different modes.

Traditional darts, Shanghai, Killer among others can be played in one hour slots with groups of up to eight.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that many friends so me vs me it is.

I forgot how bad we were at darts, to be honest, but it was still fun nevertheless.

We played on a 20-minute time slot and thanks to the team for allowing us to do so, leaving me enough time to miss a double-three finish by a matter of an inch before the timer went. Devastated.

Killer and Shanghai went down a treat and so did a tasty Estrella.


There is lots of seating

There is lots of seating

It has a New York theme

It has a New York theme


“If you were here about three hours ago, you wouldn’t think we were going to open today but the contractors, managers and all the support from head office has been phenomenal,” Daniel Osbourne, food and beverage manager for Newtons in Warrington told me.

“We’ll let people get used to it then we will go full fling with the food which is quite exciting to say the least.”

“We’re a fun place. We are glad to be here.”

Daniel, who used to work at The Looking Glass, added: “We’ve got a fantastic team and I think they are going to be a credit to the place and add to the vibe and the feel that we want for Warrington.”

Monday to Thursday 11.30am – 11.30pm, on Sunday it closes at midnight and on Friday and Saturday, it stays open until 1am – perfect for a night out. The venue can certainly live up to the billing of a Times Square bar too.