WARRINGTON Wolves’ new head coach Daryl Powell says he is not miserable.

And the Yorkshireman, who spent nine seasons with Castleford Tigers, highlights that he likes his team to play exciting rugby league that attracts fans to pack into the stadium.

Here is how the former Sheffield Eagles, Balmain Tigers, Gold Coast Seagulls, Keighley Cougars, Leeds Rhinos and Great Britain stand-off, centre or loose-forward answers some fans’ questions that were submitted to the club in the hope of getting to know him and his coaching philosophy better.

Q: First impressions of the team?

Powell: People have been asking me what I’ve been doing this week because the players are generally on leave at the moment.

I’ve been sitting down with them all individually. I think it’s really important I can get into their heads and they can understand me a little bit before we come into pre-season training so I can set some things out that I like to do, that I want them to do, and if I can get that right I think it makes the start of pre-season so much more fluid.

Pre-seasons are pretty short in rugby league so I want to get it right. And this week, meeting most of the players, I’ve found them to be great blokes, driven blokes, and I want to help them reach potential as individuals and obviously as a group.

Q: Any plans to improve the team’s attacking threat?

Powell: Every team has its strength and weaknesses, whether that’s individually or collectively.

It’s every coach’s job to improve his team. I think there’s a couple of key areas. One’s the attacking threat within the 20-metre area. I think it’s something I’ve been renowned for as a coach in the past and something I really want to get right.

There are another couple of areas but that’s a key area, a big area to get the detail and execution right and to be able to put as much pressure on defences as you can in those areas.

It’s tough there because teams are coming at you aggressively but I think the system that I’ve worked with in the past is very successful and I look forward to implementing it with Warrington.

Q: What will you do differently with Warrington next season?

Powell: The brand of rugby and the way the game is played.

I actually want to take a bit of pressure off the players because I think they feel that a little too much.

And I want to break the game down.

We’ll play a completely different way to the way the team has played in the past. We want to be outstanding both sides of the ball. Defensively there’s some things we want to improve, but I want to get the Warrington fans excited. I want them to come down knowing they’re going to see excitement and a brand they can really get behind.

One of my passions is to fill the stadium every single home game and make it such an entertaining way to play that hopefully people are queuing.

Q: First thoughts on the town?

Powell: Just how friendly people have been. We were walking around Lymm Dam the other day and was struck by how friendly people were. Always saying hello, some couples stopped to talk to us.

I hadn’t really spent that much time in Warrington before but the town’s fantastic, the surrounding villages are class.

Q: How do you plan on reconnecting fans with the club again?

Powell: Whenever I’m around the town, whenever I speak to fans, I’m pretty open and approachable.

I’m speaking with sponsors on the 9th and I enjoy things like the fans’ forums where fans can ask questions, so there’s those ways.

For me, it’s being visible around amateur clubs because that’s a big part of connection with the club and with people who play the game, the young players who are coming through.

And then just being myself. I think the players play a big part in that as well, but for me and my role it’s just to be me whenever I’m out and about.

I’m finding my way around Warrington difficult at the moment – sat nav is doing a great job for me but I would say more than anything it’s just being myself in the job.

Q: Is it true you’re a miserable sod?

Powell (after he stops laughing): On game day when I’ve got my game face on, 100 percent. I think I’m exactly the opposite to that generally but I suppose people will find that out.

At games at times people have a pop at me saying ‘Smile Powell, you miserable so and so’. But I think I’m generally pretty relaxed, I love to work with the players to get the best out of them. They keep me young and hopefully I give them a bit of sense about them.

I think people will find I’m pretty relaxed and I enjoy telling jokes and just having a good time. But on game day it’s game face. I’ll try and chill out a little bit for everybody on game day. If we’re winning every week, I’ll be happy.