EVERY primary school in Warrington and many sports clubs have been provided with lifesaving equipment in memory of young footballer.

Ciaran's Cause was set up in memory of Marika Latham's seven-year-old son Ciaran Geddes, who collapsed and died after suffering a cardiac arrest while playing football at Locking Stumps Community Primary School in Birchwood in April 2012.

Since then the charity has provided more than £100,000 worth of defibrillators and trained more than 2,500 people how to save lives.

Marika said: “Ciaran’s Cause was started in 2012 when I lost my seven-year-old son to a cardiac arrest while playing football.

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“After learning about cardiac arrests we wanted Ciaran’s school and football club to have defibrillators but once we achieved that we thought we couldn’t stop there knowing that 12-16 children every week in the UK die of a cardiac arrest.

“Having that defibrillator within the first four minutes increases their life by 74 per cent – without that defibrillator every minute a person declines by 10 per cent and to me a child’s life is priceless.

“You can’t put a price on a child’s life.”

Penketh firefighters today praised the charity on their remarkable achievement.

A spokesman for Penketh Fire Station posted on social media: "We would like to congratulate all at Cieran’s Cause, a charity who raise funds for defibrillators in schools and sports clubs.

"They have provided every primary school in Warrington with a defib, making Warrington the first town in the UK to have this life saving facility."