A WOMAN has said her ‘prayers have been answered’ after she was reunited with her cat almost seven years after he went missing.

Kelly Pomfret, 33, was heartbroken when her two kittens, Simba and Buttons, disappeared from home in early 2015.

Buttons was found dead soon afterwards, but Kelly, continued to put up posters around her town, and appeal on social media in an effort to locate Simba.

Warrington Guardian:

Microchip technology has now located Simba, revealing that he had been living with a woman in Liverpool city centre.

Simba was taken in by Cats Protection in Warrington earlier this year after the woman died, and a scan of his microchip revealed his identity and connected him with Kelly.

Kelly, from Aintree, said: "I was so very happy and over the moon.

“My prayers had been answered - the hope and faith I had held on to for so long had paid off.

"I now have my baby home. Never stop looking and never stop praying because every so often miracles do happen.

"I would also like to acknowledge the lady who looked after him for all these years, rest in peace."

In the time he was missing, Kelly adopted five other rescue cats, but said Simba still recognised her.

Kelly added: "Simba has settled in really well, he never forgot me.

"He has been very affectionate and even gets on with my dog, Prince."

Warrington Guardian: