LYMM runners have raised more than £4,000 in the London Marathon this year.

Seven of the club’s runners took the trip down south for the race on Sunday, October 3 and raised £4,500 in the end.

London marathon first-timer Vicki Hennessey – who raised over 3,000 for the CATS Foundation which supports families affected by the rare Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff diseases – really enjoyed the experience.

“There was an incredible atmosphere with collective goodwill and community spirit abounding,” she said.

“Every runner from the slowest to the fastest was celebrated and willed on by the crowd. Each runner had their own reasons for running and their own story to tell. If you’re ‘not a runner’ and you can’t ‘run the length of yourself’, then this is the race for you.

“And I’d personally like to say a huge thank you to Lymm runners for their encouragement and support of each and every person to enter the marathon ballot in the first place.”

One of 350 Lymm Runners in the club, Steve Liput, also gained a place in the ballot and raised nearly £1,000.

He added: “I feel so lucky to have been able to represent the club at the London Marathon. The second half was really tough and I’m now absolutely done - and very pleased with my time.”

And there was an award winner too. The speedy Phil Rowan received the Abbot World Marathon Majors medal for excelling in his Age Group.

Lymm Runners are ready to take to the London Marathon next year too.