A WOMAN who assaulted and verbally abused an NHS worker has been fined by the court.

Dionne Wilson, of The Farthings, Lymm, is well known to the accident and emergency department at Warrington Hospital for being ‘abusive’ and attending ‘frequently’.

The 41-year-old appeared before Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to assault by beating of an emergency worker and causing a nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises without reasonable excuse.

She was handed a £220 fine by the magistrates.

Prosecuting, Angela Blackmore told the court how on August 30, 2021, Wilson attended the A&E department where she was shouting.

Due to her being a regular attender, a healthcare assistant recognised her and tried to calm her down.

Wilson then became abusive towards the NHS worker, calling her a ‘f****** b****’ and a ‘c***’.

She was then asked to leave due to her previous behaviour but started to shout and scream and ran into the toilets where she fell over.

The court heard how the healthcare assistant, along with paramedics, tried to help Wilson but she looked at the worker in the eye and said: “Don’t you f****** touch me.”

Warrington Magistrates Court

Warrington Magistrates' Court

Wilson then raised her hand, causing the victim to put her arm in front of her body - she was then slapped on the forearm causing redness and tingling.

The victim said she has been replaying the incident in her mind and is fearful of Wilson attending A&E again and causing injury to herself or her colleagues.

The second offence occurred on September 2, 2021, where Wilson attended A&E with abdominal pains.

Ms Blackmore stated Wilson then discharged herself an hour later, however then returned being ‘abusive’ and refusing to leave.

Wilson caused ‘significant issues’ both in and outside of the hospital.

The court heard how Wilson has four previous convictions for 13 offences – nine of which involved assaulting officers.

Defending, Gary Schooler said: “She said to me, the Dionne Wilson who is medicated and stable is completely different to the Dionne Wilson who presents herself to the hospital, distressed, unwell and is suffering mentally.

“When she is stable and medicated, she presents no danger or problems for anyone in the community.”

Mr Schooler also told the court how Wilson does not recall the offences and said she ‘didn’t mean any harm’.

Concluding, chair magistrate Graham Griffiths said: “We are completely unsatisfied with your unacceptable behaviour at A+E.

“Staff turn up to do their job and care for patients.

“They do not deserve to be treated in that manner.”

Wilson was handed a £220 fine for the offences and ordered to pay the victim compensation of £50.