TO quote Simon Oldfield following his visit to Woodshaw Reservoir: “What a day’s fishing that was!”

He enjoyed five hours on the pole and put together a proper mixed bag, with plenty of skimmers, roach, a few crucians and decent sized bream from this small but popular fishery.

He had the best results on caster fished just over depth, but also caught on worm, plus some quality roach towards the end of his session on hemp.

As he commented: “Lovely place to spend a rainy Saturday.”

Neil Plunkett was at Grey Mist on a wet and windy Friday when he managed a tench on a method feeder and a few roach on the waggler, losing a decent tench in the weed.

As he was packing-up the method feeder rod tip shot round and the fight was on, thinking it was a bonus larger tench.

That was until eventually as it neared the landing net, he realised it was a very large eel.

As he was unhooking the eel it wriggled free slithering back to its home environment.

Neil had caught large eels from the Mist in the past but this was the largest. It was thick bodied and over three feet long and would have certainly made any Anguilla Club member very happy.

The fish took a robin red pellet with the method feeder packed with dampened micros.

Mike Dabek thought that he would make the most of what might be the last decent weather of the year and made a visit to High Legh Pool. In a couple of hours he ended up with four mirrors and two lost fish, all caught on ledgered 8mm banded pellet. A just reward for all the hard work Mike has put in on this fishery as a volunteer.

Our Sunday Mersey Match Series was fished on the Mersey Walk area of the river and saw winner Jimmy Byrne, who earlier in the week had enjoyed catching some decent bream from the stretch, was confronted with very different conditions due to the heavy rains.

He drew peg 70 and fished a small groundbait feeder and single maggot for a net of 20 or so roach and perch for a weight of 4lbs 15ozs 0drs.

Second placed Pete Jones included a bonus skimmer of 1.5lbs in his catch for a weight of 4-3-0. Fifteen anglers fished.

Our Disabled & Over 60’s Monday match was fished on our Woodshaw Reservoir Fishery. Richard Baker was a clear winner from peg 15 with 12-11-0 of mainly skimmers to 2lbs plus a crucian taken on pole and maggot.

Alan Birchall who drew the adjacent peg 16 was the runner-up with a net of skimmers and roach for 8-6-0 caught on pole and caster. Twenty anglers fished.

Night fishing update: In an effort to be fair to all members one booking per week per person will continue. Two nights if required on Sandiway lakes, Worthington lakes, Moore Quarry, Rixton clay Pits, Phoenix Park Lake, Budworth Mere, and The Mount. Single nights on all other ‘night venues’

The Committee continue to monitor the situation and further changes may be made if conditions dictate.

Note: Working party on Appleton Reservoir on Monday, 10am start. Anyone prepared to help will bewelcome.

Our WAA Headquarters at 52, Parker Street, Warrington, remains closed on Friday evenings but members can post or put their book or request in an envelope - with their payment and a stamped addressed envelope - through our HQ door where mail is dealt with most days. Alternatively, you can post to Warrington Anglers Association PO. Box 71, Warrington WA1 1LR where mail is collected weekly.

Catch reports from members are always welcome. Email or call on 01928 716238.

Results: Disabled & Over 60s: 1) Richard Baker 12-11-0; 2) Alan Birchall 8-6- 0; 3) Alan Brown 7-7-0; 4) Bas Chambers 7-4-0. Mersey Series Match: 1) Jimmy Byrne 4-15-0; 2) Pete Jones 4-3-0; 3) Jim Gannon 3-14-0; 4) Ade Green 3-5-0.

Fixtures (Exact money only, Covid-19 rules apply): Sunday: Mersey Series Match (members only), draw 8.45am, Victoria Park. Entry £5 and £5 optional pool. Monday: Disabled & Over 60s, Trent and Mersey Canal, Billinge, draw 9.45am, £5 all-in.