A PRIEST was ‘shot in the face with a water cannon’ as he presided over a wedding.

Father Dave Heywood was left drenched after the service at St Benedict’s Church on Rhodes Street in Orford on Friday, September 3.

Warrington Guardian:

Groom Tony McFarlane’s five-year-old son Henry was the culprit, firing with the water gun after brother Noah, aged eight - the pair having been instructed to do so by the minister himself.

He told the Warrington Guardian that it was one of the highlights of the day during his marriage to bride Elisha, adding: “It was just a bit of fun, rather than all the doom and gloom we have these days.

Warrington Guardian:

Elisha, Tony, Henry and eight-year-old brother Noah

"Father Dave just uses the water gun as a fun way to masks on adults, but seeing as everyone was complying he gave it to the kids and said 'you can shoot me with it.

Warrington Guardian:

Father Dave handing the gun to Henry

"Noah had a go and was rather careful, and Henry got him straight in the face. 

Warrington Guardian:

"Father Dave made the service so much fun.

"We would like to thank him for everything he did on the day for us.

"His positivity shone through and set the tone for the rest of the day."