A PAIR of twins have made an eggcellent gesture in order to support the homeless.

Ruben and Elena Evans-Guillen, from Padgate, have spent years raising funds for good causes.

The 10-year-olds' latest campaign saw them carry out 100 acts of kindness for charities and organisations across the town.

And the siblings recently completed their task by enlisting the help of Knutsford-based the Egg Lady and delivering 360 freshly-laid free range eggs to the Room at the Inn – a homeless shelter on Winmarleigh Street in the town centre – for good deed number 100.

Other acts included litter picking and lending their support to the NHS, food banks and animal charities.

In doing so, Ruben and Elena have raised £1,500 for MedEquip4Kids – which will be used to buy a mobile telemetry unit for Warrington Hospital, kit that allows a baby’s heart to be monitored remotely during labour and birth.

Dad Mark said: "The children have completed the 100 kind acts, and number 100 was quite a spectacular way to do it.

"Given the charity campaign was badged ‘be a good egg', we reached out to a Cheshire-based egg supplier as this seemed an excellent fit to incorporate some fun and local community spirit.

"The Egg Lady was extremely keen to support this project.

"This campaign has been both a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for the children.

"We have connected with so many other local charities and local support clubs who are all doing amazing work for the town to try and spread some kindness and warmth in these difficult times."

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