THINKING about moving to Warrington?

Well, our readers have been in touch – over 750 of them – with their advice to people moving to the town.

We have picked out some of the best, most constructive comments that will help you settle in our town and what you need to know about it.

Lisa Williams said: “Don’t listen to what people tell you. There are good and bad no matter where you go but if you get in with the good we are the salt of the earth and will help anyone.”

Jo Hughes added: “It’s a million times better than when I moved here 20 years ago! A lot more cultural, with its new restaurants and bars. Golden Square is a lovely place to shop and the new market is second to none…my kids have grown up here and have been very happy!”

Nigel Jenkison’s time in London has made him appreciate Warrington a lot.

“We have more green areas than any other urban area in the UK, that’s official from the Woodland Trust. There is high employment and low crime, brilliant motorway connections, I could go on and on. I lived in London for three years and Wilmslow for two and abroad and I appreciate Warrington more than ever,” he said.

Bev Williamson also said: ”I’m from Newcastle moved here 15 years ago my 3 kids are born and bred here wouldn't ever leave Warrington, it has its ups and downs just like any other town but I can honestly say I wouldn't move out of Warrington now.

Alison Wood has moved away and says the grass is not always greener.

“I was born and bred in Warrington, my grandparents and parents lived in Longford,” she said.

I now live in a lovely market town in Leicestershire but I have to travel if I want to buy clothes, shoes, etc.

The traffic here, like anywhere, is a nightmare. We live near to both the M6 and M1, a major expanding distribution centre is on our doorstep. A 2,500 housing development has received approval and yes we also have floodplains.

“The grass is not always greener on the other side and most of my family and friends still live in Warrington.

Although where I live is now home, I continue to tell everyone where I come from, I wear my Wire shirt with pride.”

However, not all advice was as positive, as others warned of delays and roadworks.

Diane Taylor said: “I was born in Warrington, lived there almost 60 years… and so glad I’ve moved. Warrington is almost meeting Manchester and Liverpool in its expansion. Good for business maybe, but it’s being strangled by roads, new buildings, more new houses, more new roads, and pollution. Yet, no new schools, healthcare facilities etc.

“My advice to someone moving into Warrington is to think again before you do and get yourself stuck in a hamster wheel of new roads, road works and new houses spreading over the minute bit of green belt that’s left.”

Heather Redhead added: “Don’t live anywhere that involves crossing the town for work, school etc. Traffic is a nightmare.”

Olagu Subramanian was able to provide apt advice weighing up both sides of the argument.

“Don't buy leasehold house...and plan your journey ahead as traffic is horrible,” they said.

“Register with a good gp/ dentist who actually sees you in person rather than online consultation. Warrington has good links to motorways and travel is easy. It has good schools as well.

“There are Asian shops and the town is well equipped with all major shops. There are many good restaurants and cafes. It is a diverse town...from looking at the comments above, I think many people fail to appreciate the diversity and feel proud about it.”