TEENAGE fishing enthusiast Izzy Gibbins continues to make her mark on the sport.

The 14-year-old St Gregory’s High School student from Bewsey is busy with matches but is also inspiring other girls to go fishing.

Her talents have been recognised by fishing tackle brand Middy, who have awarded her sponsorship as one of only two juniors listed on their books.

Middy junior scout Jordan Hall selected her for sponsorship out of all the youngsters fishing the recent Burton Farm Junior Festival.

Her keenness to promote female angling is infectious.

Izzy, who started fishing four years ago, said: "There are a few girls who all seem to enjoy fishing as much as I do, but I notice at the matches that it is a predominantly male sport.

"All the lads that I fish with are great and friendly, but I would like to see more females taking up the sport.”

Her passion for angling has led to her receiving a head teacher’s award at school recently.

With the support of the Angling Trust, teachers at her school, Moathouse Fisheries and Partridge Lakes Fishery, Izzy helped to introduce a programme called 'Let’s Go Fishing' to her school peers, many of whom had not had the opportunity to try fishing before.

She is predominantly a pole angler and fishes both commercial fisheries and natural waters.

Middy will be arranging for their top sponsored anglers to provide Izzy with some private tuition, to help develop her into a highly skilled angler.