THEIR virtual DJ sets of classic Mr Smith’s tunes became a lockdown phenomenon.

Now Greenwood House Mafia are bringing their dance music to live venues to celebrate Covid restrictions lifting.

After a trial event at the beginning of July, the collective – named after the area of Orford they grew up in – will be back at Dead Eyes in Bridge Street this Friday.

Greenwood House Mafia's lockdown sessions attracted a cult following with listeners tuning in from as far as New Zealand but the four friends are looking forward to a more tangible experience with their new fans.

Member Neil Scotland said: "We’ve been on such a journey over this last 18 months and to have the chance to start entertaining everyone in person rather than online is so exciting. Lockdown gave us a fantastic opportunity but don’t want to stop there we want to bring that same vibe to our live nights, starting at Dead Eyes."

Neil described it as a 'strange feeling' to meet people who only knew him from the virtual gigs.

Greenwood House Mafia

Greenwood House Mafia

He added: "There was definitely an outpouring of relief from everybody at the first event. The best thing about Greenwood House Mafia is the way that it brought people together, giving everyone something to look forward to during lockdown weekends but the live gigs are taking it to the next level."

The Mr Smith's nostalgia has not worn off for Neil and the others – Robbie Gaines, Daniel Laverty and Paul Redican – either.

Neil said: "That’s where our love of dance music started , and ever since it closed we’ve always felt like something was missing from the town.

"It was just such an iconic venue, we were so lucky to have one of the best clubs in the north west right on our doorstep. Everyone has a song that reminds them of one of their nights out in there. I still can’t drive past the old site at Bridge Foot without feeling a little sad that its no longer there.

"But doing the Mr Smiths reunion sessions online and playing all the old favourites brings back such fond memories.

"We can’t wait to see people dancing to some of the old classics this Friday, along with some Ibiza classics, disco favourites and even a bit of Motown,

Tables can be booked at Dead Eyes by calling 573462 or send a message at