APPLETON Thorn residents have expressed concern about the speed of traffic on the main route through the village.

The residents are concerned about the speed and volume of traffic on the B5356 – the main road from Stretton to Barley Castle.

The speed limit is 30mph, but some of the signs are ‘completely covered by vegetation’ and the stretch just before the church is 40mph.

It is believed most motorists continue to carry on doing 40mph through the village.

One resident referred to the speed of the traffic as ‘unbelievable’ and is also worried about the heavy goods vehicles that use the stretch of the road as there are weight limits in place.

A children’s playground is also just off the B5356, and residents have claimed that their view to cross is obscured.

One resident said: ‘‘The local authority just do not care.

‘‘We are Warrington South and quite simply, we get very little from them in the first place.

‘‘The council need to get off their backsides and do some work.

‘‘It is absolutely appalling and it needs to be sorted.’’

Some residents believe an endorsable camera is needed.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police responded: “We are aware of the road and have been doing speed checks.

‘‘These will continue once we have the appropriate legal order permitting enforcement, which is currently being progressed with the council.”

A spokesperson for Warrington Borough Council said: “We are aware of the concerns about road safety and have received a request for a pedestrian crossing to be considered in the village.

‘‘To assess whether a pedestrian crossing could be introduced we would need to measure traffic flows, speed and also the numbers of pedestrians crossing the road.

“It has not been possible to undertake these assessments whilst travel patterns have been influenced by COVID restrictions.

‘‘We are monitoring traffic volumes routinely and a traffic survey will be programmed to be undertaken when we have a more reliable reflection of normal travel behaviour.

‘‘This is expected to be in the autumn.”