IT has been two years since a Sandymoor teenager went viral on TikTok, attracting over 90 million views.

Harvey Bass, a dancer, created the famous video in 2019 and since has reached almost four million followers on the platform and even ended up starring in a music video.

After seeing two dancers post a routine, Harvey wanted to give the routine a go as he thought it looked ‘fun’ and had a ‘positive vibe.’

He learned the ‘Git Up’ dance in between GCSE revision and posted it on TikTok in between exams. with the help of his friend recording the video.

Harvey’s video became so popular that it reached people from across the world.

The former St Chads Catholic High School pupil said: ‘‘The reaction I received was definitely unexpected but I absolutely loved it!

‘‘Lets be honest it's every kids dream to be a YouTube star or an Instagram influencer and this was exactly what my inner kid was waiting for!

‘‘I was so so happy to be known for my dancing and that's exactly what was happening -the reaction in general was super positive with people from all across the world loving it!’’

Harvey recreated the famous video to celebrate it's second anniversary. Picture credit: TikTok

Well known social media accounts such as Lad Bible began to share Harvey’s video and within a few months he had developed a large social media following.

The video even led to Harvey being invited to America to star in Blanco Brown’s music video, who was the artist of the song he danced to.

Harvey, who was 16 at the time, had to travel to America on his own to shoot the music video, due to his mum’s work commitments - but luckily his sister was over there doing her masters degree.

Harvey said: ‘‘On set it was amazing but so hot.

‘‘I was in a full school uniform after all during summer in Nashville - blazer and all.

‘‘Something great about the shoot was that I got to share a trailer with Blanco Brown himself!

‘‘We got to know each other as well as meet each other's families.

‘‘It was a great experience and I am super grateful for it.’’

The viral video brought Harvey, now 18, many opportunities such as working with major brands like ASOS, Amazon Video, Polaroid and many more, as well as promoting artists’ music.

Harvey was also scouted by a management team, Henry Talents, at the start of this year.

The video also led Harvey to choosing a different career path - he now attends a college in Liverpool where he trains in a full-time intensive dance course, allowing him to develop as a dancer.