Wire fan Rob Watson gives his take of the Wire win against Wigan, in his Spirit of '55 column

Watching Wire win comfortably at Wigan whilst looking to be playing in cruise control was almost too good to be true.

Yes, Wigan had a few of their better players missing, but Wire had some too.

The win against Leigh the week before had given us a good idea of the depth that young players provide to the squad this season.

Against Wigan Thewlis and Wrench showed that they are already capable of competing against teams at the top end of Super League too.

We have seen a decent amount of Thewlis already, so it was particularly pleasing on this occasion to see Wrench play so well, in particular his footwork looked excellent.

Anytime you are playing a team on a losing streak, you do tend to be aware on some level at least that the losing streak has to end sometime and that you have to be fully focused to make sure that it does not end against you.

On this occasion though in this match ended up looking like at team in a bad run of form struggling against a team on a good run.

Hill and Cooper laid a good foundation down the middle, helping Wire gain good yardage and give some space for the more creative players to play in.

It was good to see some of the tries coming from close range. This season has been a strange one for the attack so far, on the one hand they are scoring more tries than anybody in Super league, but on the other hand they have often looked lacking in ideas when close to their opponent’s line.

There were still a few occasions against Wigan when I felt Wire wasted tackles when near the try line. In contrast to that though we saw the excellent grubber kick from Daryl Clark for Wrench’s try, Austin taking on the line and then finding Davis with an inside pass and Ratchford timing a pass perfectly for Hughes for two of the other tries.

When they can add that to how dangerous they can be from long range, then Wire do look like a team that will be difficult to stop.

Wire often have at least one excellent run of results during a season, many times around this time of year, so hopefully they will not be taking anything for granted about this season yet.

Things are certainly looking a lot better than they were a couple of months ago. The hope now is that this is a standard that they can continue to match for the rest of the season and then improve further still in the play-offs.

With the positive reinforcement crew growing in power and numbers then it could yet be a fantastic season for Wire.