WARRINGTON is set to be as warm as the south of France this Sunday, according to forecasters.

The Met Office says thermometer mercury is expected to rise to 25C in the area as England take on Croatia in their opening European Championship football match.

It could even reach 27C, in what is expected to be the warmest weekend of the year so far in some parts of the country.

Sunday is predicted to be a ‘fine, dry day for most’, with it predicted to be the warmest day of the weekend.

Grass and weed pollen levels are also increasing at the moment, the Met Office tweeted, with the highest levels expected in southern England during the coming days.

Here is the weekend forecast for Warrington:


4pm – 18C (cloudy)

7pm – 17C (cloudy)

10pm – 15C (partly cloudy)


7am – 14C (cloudy)

10am – 16C (sunny)

1pm – 17C (sunny)

4pm – 17C (sunny)

7pm – 17C (sunny)

10pm – 14C (clear night)


7am – 13C (sunny)

10am – 19C (sunny)

1pm – 23C (overcast)

4pm – 25C (cloudy)

7pm – 24C (partly cloudy)

10pm – 19C (partly cloudy)