TWO Warrington primary schools have won a competition to receive a free first aid workshop.

First Aid in Schools, sponsored by Savlon, is an exciting opportunity for parents, carers and schools which offered them the chance to nominate their local primary school to receive a free first aid class for up to 60 children.

As part of Savlon’s First Aid for Life campaign, the nationwide initiative will be running throughout the summer term and will provide three classes to a total of 100 schools across the country.

Out of 100 winning schools, two schools in Warrington won the competition and will receive life saving first aid skills.

The workshop will make sure the children feel prepared if faced with a medical emergency.

Dallam Primary Park and Park Road Primary School will each have 60 children trained on Thursday 17th June and Tuesday 29th June.

The schools and children are looking forward to the classes.

The first aid classes are grouped into two age groups.

Children aged 3-6 (Early Years & Key Stage 1 Curriculum) will learn about what happens to their bodies if they are hurt and how they would be treated by a grown up.

For children aged 7-9, who are starting to be more independent, they will be equipped with the basic first aid knowledge required for a first aid emergency.

In the session, children learn to deal with bumps, burns, breaks and bleeding, carry out CPR and deal with choking within a relaxed and comfortable class setting.

After each class, children will receive a certificate and a booklet to take home.

Classes are practical, ‘lots of fun’ and involve activities that will ensure the lessons learned are memorable.

Apart from winning nationwide awards, they are also certified by The First Aid Industry Body, Association of First Aiders & Federation of First Aid Training Organisations.

Kate Ball, founder of Mini First Aid, said: “We’re delighted to get on board with Savlon to be able to offer this fantastic nationwide initiative for Primary schoolchildren to receive some bespoke First Aid classes, where they can learn vital skills for life. ‘

‘I really hope that everyone gets voting for their local school and we can’t wait to share our classes with the children!”

Kelly Auty, brand manager at Savlon, said: “Savlon is considered a first aid kit essential and the Mini First Aid partnership offers reassurance for parents and teachers that your children are equipped with the tools and techniques to remain as a safe as possible, whilst being delivered in a way that’s relevant for them.

‘‘Our partnership with Mini First Aid is a great way of ensuring our primary school children are given every chance for the best outcome possible in the case of a medical emergency.”