THE weather in Warrington over the bank holiday weekend looks set to be dry and warm.

According to Met Office meteorologists, temperatures will hit 19C on Saturday, sparking 10 days of warm and dry weather.

By the end of the bank holiday weekend, temperatures could possibly reach 22C.

Temperatures look set to remain in the 20s until the middle of next week, although there is less certainty about the weather beyond Wednesday.

Grahame Madge, senior press officer at the Met Office, said: “There will be a transition from cold weather into a fine and settled period of weather over the bank holiday and early parts of next weeks.

“Areas on the east coast may be cooler because of a breeze from the North Sea.

“Most areas should see some sunshine this weekend. It may feel cooler in the mornings.”

The warmer weather marks a welcome break from the rain that has dominated the UK since the start of the month.

According to Met Office figures, it has been the 10th wettest May on record, with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all recording rainfall above the average amount predicted at this point in May.

Parts of northern England and Scotland even saw snow at the beginning of the month, when temperatures reached -5.5C.

Here is an hour-by-hour forecast for Warrington over the bank holiday weekend:


5pm – 15C (cloudy)

6pm – 15C (cloudy)

7pm – 15C (cloudy)

8pm – 14C (cloudy)

9pm – 14C (cloudy)

10pm – 14C (cloudy)


7am – 13C (cloudy)

8am – 13C (cloudy)

9am – 14C (cloudy)

10am – 15C (cloudy)

11am – 16C (cloudy)

Midday – 17C (cloudy)

1pm – 17C (cloudy)

2pm – 18C (cloudy)

3pm – 18C (cloudy)

4pm – 19C (cloudy)

5pm – 19C (cloudy)

6pm – 19C (cloudy)

7pm – 19C (cloudy)

8pm – 18C (sunny intervals)

9pm – 17C (sunny intervals)

10pm – 16C (partly cloudy)


7am – 12C (sunny)

10am – 17C (sunny)

1pm – 20C (sunny)

4pm – 21C (sunny)

7pm – 20C (sunny)

10pm – 16C (clear night)


7am – 11C (sunny)

10am – 16C (sunny)

1pm – 20C (sunny)

4pm – 21C (sunny intervals)

7pm – 21C (sunny)

10pm – 17C (clear night)