THE horrendous weather of this morning was almost meant to be.

Because for the first time this year, Warrington's pubs, cafes and restaurants could welcome customers indoors.

Here is a selection of our favourties from the day.

Warrington Guardian:

Brothers burgers will open for the first time tomorrow, Tuesday.

The St Helens favourites have a new venue on Bold Street.

Warrington Guardian:

Cineworld reopens in Time Square on Wednesday, it will be the first time since October.

And staff were getting it ready today.

Warrington Guardian:

Nearby Heavenly Desserts welcomed customers indoors for the first time ever.

It opened in Warrington last year but has been hit by lockdowns.

Warrington Guardian:

Also in Time Square, Gravity reopens this week.

The centre has been hit by lockdowns but all staff are back this week.

Warrington Guardian:

Staff at Maison Fleur in Stockton Heath weren't eligible for furlough as the restaurant had only just opened but owner Kenny Valentin paid them anyway and the same team have come back.

Kenny feels it is a big day for hospitality and is relishing the chance for a 'fresh start' and to finally 'have a run at it'. The international tapas restaurant is just outside the village centre and he urged people walk the extra steps to give it a go.

Warrington Guardian:

Marc Smith, of Terrace Bistro in Stockton Heath, has ended up downsizing his house because of the crisis.

But he said: "We've been locked down three times and each time we've come out with a different mentality and essentially come out stronger."

He is 'confident' about the rest of the year and said bookings have been 'crazy'.

Warrington Guardian:

Neil Sparkes has had lots of bookings for the White Hart, particularly the weekend.

He has five venues in Warrington.

But the Indian variant is worrying him.