A CONSERVATIVE council candidate is calling for an urgent bus timetable review.

Wendy Maisey, who is standing in Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft Wendy Maisey, has grave concerns that irregular bus services are placing working families and students at a severe disadvantage.

Wendy says that employees in retail and hospitality are being hit particularly hard because they often need to travel early in the morning and late at night.

Another example is that if students who attend Priestley College miss the 4pm bus they have to wait until 6pm for the next bus.

Wendy said: “There are major issues with the current level of bus services offered in the three villages of Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft.

“At a time when the focus should be on economic recovery post-Covid once again Labour councillors are letting residents down.

“If elected, I will seek an urgent review. The current level of services is placing our young people and working families at a disadvantage who seek work outside the villages particularly retail and hospitality.

“They have no way of getting home on public transport after peak times. It’s a double whammy given the Labour run council has cut front line community services too that were offered at Culcheth High School.

“I’ve previously written to Warrington’s Own buses on behalf of Culcheth Glazebury & Croft students who attend Priestley College highlighting the issues.

“Despite paying around £460 a year, students have a two hour wait if they miss the 4pm bus. There has also been problems getting to college in the morning too. Single decker buses being used peak time which are often full before they reached the last bus stop in Croft and double decker buses used off peak driving around almost empty.

“I know one student who started staying with grandparents who live in the town centre the night before exams, such was her fear of being late for college due to the bus service.”

Warrington Borough Council will benefit from more than £5 million funding from the Conservative Government for a new electric bus depot.