WARRINGTON Conservatives will this week launch the party’s manifesto ahead of the all-out elections on May 6.

The theme around the manifesto is change at the Town Hall.

The party’s ‘our plan’ will tackle six main issues: protecting Warrington’s green belt, a borough open for business, fixing potholes and reducing fly-tipping, delivering the right mix of homes, supporting the elderly and vulnerable and better services and freezing council tax.

Each Conservative candidate standing across Warrington will stand on the manifesto.

The Conservatives plan to scrap Labour’s local plan and will commit to opposing building on the green belt instead favouring redevelopment of empty buildings in the town centre and brownfield sites such as Fiddler’s Ferry.

Chair of Warrington Conservatives Wendy Maisey said: “Labour controlled Warrington Borough Council has committed to building on the green belt in beautiful parts of Warrington such as Appleton and Croft.

“The Liberal Democrat group has provided little or no opposition to the destruction of our green spaces.

“It is time for change at the Town Hall, only the Conservatives will protect green spaces.”

Following the Covid pandemic, Conservatives say they will support businesses to recover.

Warrington has recently received £22 million Town Deal funding which Warrington South MP Andy Carter helped to secure, with council candidates vowing to build on that investment.

The Conservative Government gave the council £5.5 million to fix potholes and Tories have vowed to ensure those funds are spent on making the town’s roads safer.

The Conservatives also say the party will deliver new council homes and support the elderly and vulnerable in the borough.

‘Our plan’ will also mean that the Tories will tackle the council’s ever-growing debt, says the party.

The Tories say that, with Labour having accumulated £1.6 billion of debt, the Conservatives will halt the borrowing and keep important community facilities such as Culcheth Community Hub open, build a new community hub in Warrington South and freeze council tax to help hard working families across Warrington recover from the Covid pandemic.

Cllr Kath Buckley said: “There is a real excitement among Conservative candidates and enthusiasm to bring real change at the Town Hall.

“As a group we plan to bring change to the Town Hall and bring energy and new ideas to the tired Labour administration.”

Ms Maisey added: “Our plan is designed to bring change at Warrington Town Hall, to reduce council debt and significantly improve facilities in Warrington.”

“Kath Buckley has been a fantastic representative for residents in Lymm South working tirelessly to improve the community and represent the views of residents as a Conservative group we will emulate Kath’s lead and try and bring to an end opposition-less politics in Warrington dominated by Labour and Liberal Democrats.”