As lockdown restrictions ease and people start to think about holidays, in the UK and abroad later in the year, one cat lover is urging pet owners to create a paw map to make the time away as stress-free as possible for their animals.

Wendy Thomson , from Thelwall, has been caring for cats in their own homes across Warrington for five years.

With cat owners feeling concerned about leaving their feline friends once holidays are permitted, she is advising people to create a plan for their pets so that life remains as normal as possible while they are away.

The cat population of the UK has risen hugely during lockdown from 7.5 million in 2019 to 12.2 million in 2021 and 27 per cent of households now own a cat.

Warrington Guardian: Minnie and CocoMinnie and Coco

Wendy, who runs My Three Cats, has received dozens of calls from new owners who are anxious about leaving their pets when they go away.

She said: “Just as we’ve seen with puppies, lots of families have welcomed a new kitten or cat into their homes in the last year.

“Now, as restrictions are lifting, they’re returning to work or planning a holiday and are worried about leaving their cat, or sending them to cattery.”

Wendy, who is 46 and has four cats of her own having adopted another since starting My Three Cats, keeps the daily routine of feeding exactly the same for the animals she looks after and will spend time with them providing love and attention if they need it.

She said: “I have clients who really worry about their cats when they go away, so I always send them photos and videos and they even have the option to Facetime them while I’m there if they want the added reassurance.

“While people might think their cat will miss them, many will have lived in very busy homes for the last year and will be thankful of some quiet time!”

Warrington Guardian: Wendy and BillieWendy and Billie

Wendy’s business was hit by the pandemic with all holidays being cancelled but with self catering holidays in this country and weddings due to be permitted from April 12, people are now coming to her for advice on how to support their pets as we emerge from lockdown.

Wendy’s top tips for creating a paw map for owners is to keep routine as normal as possible especially when it comes to feeding times and make sure their favourite toys and treats are available to them while you’re away.

She recommends that beds, dens and cat trees are accessible so the cats can relax and suggests music is left playing or the radio is on so that pets feel like they have some company.

Lastly, she recommends using a cat camera to keep an eye on them.

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