A DRUNK threw his partner to the floor and pinned her down with his foot after she told him his excessive drinking had ‘ruined Christmas’.

The assault by Ryan McGarvey occurred on Christmas Day after he took his festive revelling too far and embarrassed his girlfriend in public.

An argument ensued on their return home, during which the 28-year-old kicked out and damaged the door of a child’s bedroom.

McGarvey, of St Elphins Close in Howley, then committed a second assault against the same victim while on bail for the Christmas offence.

On this occasion, he pinned her to a fence and shouted in her face, making accusations that she had been unfaithful.

He appeared for sentence at Liverpool Crown Court on Monday after pleading guilty to two charges of common assault and one of criminal damage.

But he was spared jail after stating that his two-month spell in prison awaiting sentence had resulted in a change in his attitude.

Rebecca Smith, prosecuting, told the court how on Christmas Day, the pair were at the victim’s mother’s house before attending a local pub.

Here, McGarvey consumed more alcohol and was described by his partner as ‘tipsy’. They returned to her mother’s home around 4pm, where he fell asleep after drinking yet more alcohol.

His partner wanted to go home but did not want to wake him due to his paranoid and verbally abusive nature after drink.

They did go home when he woke up, where an argument spilled out. McGarvey was said to be ‘slurring his words’ and was told he had ‘ruined Christmas’ for being drunk and embarrassing her.

He turned angry on hearing this, accusing her of cheating on him and throwing a neck-massaging pillow he was wearing at her jaw.

He then kicked out at a bedroom door, and when she tried to squeeze past him to leave, he pushed her in the chest and slammed her to the floor.

She screamed ‘ow’ in pain, but the defendant pushed her face down on the floor with his foot to keep her there, leaving her distressed, upset and in tears.

Ryan McGarvey was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court

Ryan McGarvey was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court

The second assault occurred on January 29 while McGarvey was on bail. The victim was at a friend’s house in Howley when the defendant arrived, started shouting in the street about her and banging on the door.

She left the property with him as she was concerned about him causing a nuisance and did not want his behaviour to escalate, walking with him towards his flat.

Challenging her again about cheating, he threatened to ‘ruin everything around her’, pushed her against a fence and shouted in her face.

After wriggling away, she returned to her friend’s property but McGarvey appeared again within minutes. She chose not to leave this time and called the police.

Ms Smith also revealed to the court that McGarvey had four previous convictions for 11 offences, mostly for driving matters.

In defence of her client, Martine Snowdon said that he ‘feels terrible’ about his actions.

Spending two months in prison awaiting his sentencing hearing has enabled him to realise the extent of his addictions to alcohol and drugs, she explained.

“The defendant has worked with drug team in custody to make himself much more aware of his issues, and there is hope for the future,” Ms Snowdon added.

“He is motivated and extremely driven to turn around and build a better life.”

Before sentencing, judge David Swinnerton said: “You are a father to three children – it is time you grew up and took a more responsible attitude to deal with problems life throws at everyone without turning to drugs, alcohol and violence.

“You have spent two months in custody, and with that in mind, I am minded to give you the chance to see if in those two months there has been a change in your attitude like you say there has.”

McGarvey was sentenced to seven months in prison suspended for two years and ordered to complete 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days, including a ‘building better relationships’ programme.

He must also abide by an electronically monitored curfew and is subject to a restraining order not to contact victim for three years.