Whether you're taking part in the annual Veganuary pledge or you're just looking to cut down on your meat consumption, finding some vegan alternatives can have huge health benefits.

Vegan foods aren't all cocoa balls and tofu - you'll be surprised to know that some of these everyday items actually contain no animal products. 

Here are 10 items you'll be surprised to know are vegan: 

1. Marmite

Warrington Guardian:

The entire Marmite range is vegan, and certified by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), except for the 70g jar.

The 70g jar is currently only vegetarian – though Marmite are in the process of moving towards vegan approval from the EVU.

It is made primarily from yeast, and though this isn’t a plant, it isn’t an animal either. As such, with no other animal-derived ingredients added.

2. McVitie's Hobnobs

All Hobnobs are vegan, including most own-brand oat biscuits. 

However, the chocolate biscuits are usually not vegan - although the McVitie's Choc Chip are surprisingly vegan.

They use soya lecithin, cocoa mass and fat-reduced cocoa powder, but no milk or milk proteins.

3. Oreos

Warrington Guardian:

The makers of Oreos state on their website that they cannot categorise these popular cookies as vegan because of the possibility of cross contact with milk products.

However, Oreos do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are safe to eat for vegans.

4. Guinness

Since 2015, Guinness has been 100 per-cent vegan.

The beer manufacturers, Diageo changes the filtration process so that it no longer includes isinglass (a kind of gelatin obtained from fish). 

5. Starburst

Many Stabursts across the globe contain gelatine, made from animal collagen, however UK manufactured Starbursts do not. 

Vegans should be careful to ensure they are eating Starbursts from the UK as many shops surprisingly sell important sweets from the UK that contain animal products. 

6. Crumpets

Warrington Guardian:

Although for some people this could seem obvious, many of us will be surprised to learn that most shop-bought crumpets are vegan.

The quintessentially British snack contains no dairy products, contrary to popular belief. 

7. Cream crackers

One of the most surprising revelations is that this buttery and creamy cracker actually contains no dairy. 

The word 'cream' is derived from the manufacturing process so the crackers are completely vegan friendly. 

8. Ice Cream

Warrington Guardian:

In recent years there have been lots of vegan ice cream brands appearing in the supermarket freezers, they are so good in fact that it's hard to tell the difference.

Including Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cookie Dough by Ben and Jerry's as well as Swedish Glace by Walls.

9. Lotus biscuit spread

Not only are Lotus Biscoff biscuits vegan, their Biscoff spread is also vegan and makes a delicious vegan cheesecake. 

10. Pasta

Warrington Guardian:

Most dry pasta is not made using eggs, instead it's made with durum wheat and semolina - making it fine for vegans.

Fresh pasta however usually contains eggs, so if you're not eating foods containing animal products you should be sure to check the packaging on fresh pasta.