FURLOUGHED workers could boost their incomes by taking driving jobs in the run-up to Christmas, a Warrington recruitment firm has said.

The demand for drivers is ‘far out-stripping’ supply and Christmas presents could go undelivered unless more drivers are found, according to Berry Recruitment.

The Tannery Court-based company says the festive season is an ideal opportunity for those on furlough to make some extra money, meaning they could earn more than their full-time income.

With the second lockdown increasing demand for delivered goods and the Christmas rush already underway, the demand for drivers is expected to continue to grow.

“Many on furlough might not know that they can work as drivers – but they can with their employers’ permission,” said managing director Lee Gamble.

“Those who have been made redundant have not come through into the driving sector in great numbers, and we now have an acute shortage.

“Not only will working as a driver increase overall incomes, but it might also help with mental health.

“Other roles are also in demand, such as people to pick, pack and prepare the goods, and those who have taken pay cuts could also boost their incomes by taking evening delivery jobs.

“The trend for online deliveries was already significant before the pandemic, but the lockdowns have accelerated it.”