TRAIN passengers heading from Warrington to London are set to save more than £100 if they travel on a Friday.

Avanti West Coast has removed Friday morning peak restrictions from today, Friday, on long distance journeys to and from London Euston.

The trial, which will run into the new year, means customers can take advantage of the full range of off peak and advance tickets throughout the day and make a much earlier start to their weekend.

The current Friday morning peak restrictions means customers with Off Peak tickets must wait until typically 9.30am before starting their journeys.

For example, the first Off Peak train from Warrington to London is the 10.20am departure, which arrives into Euston after midday.

Customers will now be able to travel on any train and make the most of their Fridays.

The earliest train from Warrington will arrive in London just after 8am.

The most you could pay previously for a single fare on a Friday was £167. The most now will be £64.40.

Sarah Copley, executive director, commercial at Avanti West Coast said: “Removing the Friday morning restrictions gives customers more freedom to choose when they travel and when lockdown measures ease make the most of their extended weekends and days out.

“Just as importantly it allows us to spread demand and maintain social distancing onboard our services. This will help our customers who decide to travel, to travel with confidence.”

David Sidebottom, director, transport focus added: “Passengers will welcome this trial. Any move that helps save money and maintain social distancing should prove popular, and when the time is right, encourage more people to use rail services again.”